Saturday, March 8, 2014

Spring Focus - Seeds

Spring Focus......
          So as Spring turns, and the snow begins to melt, we look to the hope of the new season. When we think of Spring, I always think of the seeds laying dormant in the soil waiting to burst when the conditions are just right. Our food supply totally relys on the seeds to give us food in the coming year.                      We as a society, have come to take that for granted, or never even think about it. But our culture of saving seeds is under attack, and so are our seeds.
            In this age of Genetically Modified Seeds and patented life, our actions and voice are very much demanded. If anything for the sake of the seed, and nature and our rights to save our own seed. In case you are not aware of this, please please do some research. There are many brave people out there going head to head with the goliath Monsanto. They are taking away farmers rights and everyones' rights to save seed, not to mention they are changing genetic material forever, and we don't know the outcome.

            So the focus this month, is for the seeds. Please put some seeds on your alter or in your window sill and  give them some thankful loving energy. I will hold them in my thoughts to be" protected" and "respected" this Sunday during my visioning session. I hope you will join me....see you there.

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