Thursday, December 19, 2013

Solstice/January Focus

            I've had requests to keep the focus on Fukushima as we are in a very precarious situation. The people directly involved in decision making and carrying out procedures really need our energy. The ocean is horribly polluted and there is a media blackout.
             As we head towards the Solstice, the time of creating within the womb, we have an opportunity to participate in this co-creation. A time of dreaming and visioning. The time of darkness activates our pineal gland and gifts us with dreams and visions. And if we conciously take control of those dreams and visions, we can bring forth the world we want to see in reality.

          Our world hangs in the balance....are we going to let the collective mind be distracted to no end by all the consciousness pollution? The time is now.....get as many people on board, with this meditation as possible, for Solstice morning and every Sunday morning @ 9am PST.  Forward this site and let's get this going!
Keep Visioning.......

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